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Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the website for the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge.

For those of you who are coming to this website for the first time and wanting to understand how my organization may benefit your life, I'll explain. I have different levels of classes based on how much you have been studying the British Style of Mediumship and what your goals are to use those skills. Because of the pandemic, I started doing most classes on line using Zoom.  I currently am now doing some of the classes in person.  Check the Development classes section for details. When you are signing up to receive emails from me it is best to sign up this way;  If you are new to the subject please sign up for the live online classes called Special Topic Classes.  Please also then sign up for the development classes in the city where you live or near where you live. That way, you will receive the emails for the classes for those not as experienced. and also for the in person classes when we start to meet in person again.   If you have been studying and have some experience in British Style Mediumship, the Special Topic Classes are always good but you can plan on attending the Regular Monthly classes for your area or the online classes that simply fit your availability no matter which city they are listed for. Even after life returns to "normal" I will continue some online classes. I use Zoom for those classes. If you need help to understand how to sign on to classes using Zoom, just contact me and I will walk you thru it.

This organization was legally incorporated in April of 1999 as a (501)(c)(3) Non-Profit corporation and is dedicated to promoting the Religion, Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism. The long term goal of this organization is to build the American version of the Arthur Findlay College which is a world famous meta-physical college in England. I have started a GoFundMe site for anyone who would like to make a donation toward this goal. Please see “IFSK Building Fund Contributions” on this website for details. Your gift toward this goal, no matter how large or small, will be appreciated.

The newest aspect of this organization is the addition of a “Mediumship Certification Program”. You can go to that page on this website for more details but basically it would be the next step to take after regularly attending my monthly classes for a while. It is designed to help those wanting to work as a professional Medium but also for those who really want to understand how this all works in their daily life.

All of the events and classes my organization does are designed not only to help you learn about Spiritualism but also to help you in your everyday life. Spiritualism can be viewed as simply a way of life. If you would like to be a part of any event or class please feel free to join us, even if you’ve no experience in this field. The journey is lovely.

I’ve added testimonials to my website.  I realized that since you may not know me or my intentions and skills, it would be helpful for my students to explain how my classes and I have impacted their lives. There are several so they should really give you a good idea of what to expect.

I’ve recorded and have available for sale the first of a series of meditation CD’s.  This first one is basically what I do each month in my Development Classes. It is entitled “Sitting in The Power of Higher Consciousness”.  The next CD will be entitled “Good Night Sweet Soul, Sleep Well”.  We are just starting to work on this one. The 3rd one will be entitled “Accessing Your Personal Akash to Help You Understand Who You Are Today”. 

I hope you decide to join us soon.  You’re always welcome.

I wish for me and the World….  Peace….  Love.… Prosperity.

IFSK Director

Marilyn Jenquin

Our mission is to promote the Religion, Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism in an environment where Seekers can explore and develop freely and safely.

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