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Welcome to the web site for the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge. This Foundation was legally incorporated in April of 1999 and is dedicated to promoting the Religion, Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism.  We offer a variety of events throughout the year in many locations to achieve that goal. Some of the events are taught by me and some are taught by other teachers, including several from the United Kingdom. All of the events are designed not only to help you learn about Spiritualism but also to help you in your everyday life. Spiritualism can be viewed as simply a way of life.

If you came to this web site in the past 3 years, you would have noticed that nothing had been updated since September of 2007.  At that time, I was diagnosed with a late stage 2 / early stage 3 breast cancer.  Naturally, saving my life became more important than updating the web site.  I’m very happy to say that my journey through breast cancer has turned out quite well. I’ve learned many things about health and life and Holistic Medicine for which I will always be grateful.  At a later date, I will write about that journey on this web site. But now that I’m well, it’s time to return to the activities of the Foundation.

In addition to the regular on-going monthly development groups that I do throughout the Central and North Florida areas, there are special events in Florida and all the way into to the North Carolina Smoky Mountains.  If you would like to be a part of any event please feel free to join us even if you’ve no experience in this field.  The journey is lovely.

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Marilyn Jenquin

Mission Statement:

To promote the Religion, Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism in an environment where Seekers can explore and develop freely and safely.

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