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I Was Thinking... About Balance

Balance...I'd like to talk a bit about balance. It seems that "word" has been front and center in my groups for a few months. Two students especially brought this idea to my mind.

One student came to my class for the first time hoping I could help her. For about three years she had been going to teacher after teacher for help...she said about 15 total. She had been unable to work or even barely leave the house. Because of her being unable to work, her family was nearing bankruptcy and life in general was not good. During the meditation in class, she started to rock and move in her chair until I thought surely she was having an epileptic seizure. We talked about what had happened and I suggested that maybe she had opened up to Spirit influence too rapidly and needed to ground a bit before continuing to develop her Psychic / Mediumship skills. During all that class my main focus was on her and keeping her stable. She emailed me a few days after that class and told me that, since I obviously didn't understand energy, she didn't think I could help her and would continue looking for a teacher who knew about energy.

The other student that also brought the idea of balance to my mind was a young man who had been told by other mediums...they were not his teachers...that he had the best gifts they had ever seen and that he would do great things in the future. That truly sounds wonderful and possible. Unfortunately, he also was troubled by not being able to turn off Spirit contact or the problems of physical people, including a neighbor who was sick. He simply felt too much of what was happening around him. I suggested a few things, including taking control of his physical life by grounding instead of being so open all the time. After a short time he emailed me saying I didn't understand that he'd been born an Empath, which meant he had holes in his auric field since birth, and had no control over these things. He'd found someone who knew how to repair holes in auras and would be doing those things to help himself.

I'm not going to pretend I know everything, because surely I don't. I did consult with one of my teachers from England in case I was way off base. His opinion was that I was correct in my responses. So...back to the word balance. We are all Spiritual Beings choosing to have a physical experience. After we leave our physical bodies we will return to live a completely spiritual life, but while we are here on the earth plane we need to also honor the physical journey we have chosen to take. And that means living a balanced tune with Spirit and that portion of life, while also grounded and focused on the physical aspect of our life. If we choose to focus only on the physical we lose that wonderful joy of being in tune with Higher Consciousness. If we choose to focus only on Higher Consciousness, we have difficulty in managing our everyday life like my two students.

Think of being in balance as you would think about being able to ride a bicycle. If you lean one way or the other you will fall over and likely hurt yourself. You can't favor the right or the need to be in the center, upright, not leaning either way. Our life needs to be in balance in all aspects, not just Spiritual and physical. Think about work and play. Family and friends. Saving and spending. Simply everything. "word" for the month. May your everyday be balanced and filled with happiness.