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I Was Thinking... About Nelson Mandela

I, like many others around the world, watched all the doings as Nelson Mandela passed to Spirit and was laid to rest in his home town. Watched as a unique and special person passed from one life to the next.  Besides the history of his life, two things really caught my attention.   

One of those things was the fact that someone from his family stayed with him and talked to his "body" telling him what to expect and what would be happening next. This idea actually fits in quite well with my belief in the afterlife.  Mr. Mandela may have been confused as he made the transition because he had been ill for so long. Even though many feel that passing to Spirit should result in an immediate knowingness of everything,  I've found that not to be true.  Many times in private readings with people, their loved ones have expressed just the opposite. Sometimes even telling them they needed care and an adjustment period upon passing. Apologizing for not contacting them sooner. Just as a young healthy person who passes suddenly and unexpectedly may not realize they have died, a very ill person may not realize that only their physical body was ill and now that they have passed from that physical body they are no longer ill.  Sometimes an adjustment period is needed. 

The second thing that really caught my attention was realizing how Mr. Mandela likely actually made the transition from militant to peacemaker. I believe it wasn't just the years he spent in prison, but what he did with those years.  The news reporters talked about how while in prison he used the time to study his political adversaries. Seems logical to me that what may have started out to be a study of the opposition to better fight them, turned into better understanding them as people.  I believe that as he studied them, he came to realize that both sides wanted the same things from life....peace and happiness. After that kind of revelation, coming out of prison and compromising didn't seem such an unusual idea....compromise because of understanding would produce the best results...and the longest lasting results.  

So I shall always appreciate Mr. Mandela but for my own reasons. I appreciate his family tradition of helping the Spirit make its transition. And I will always look to him as the Way Shower of what understanding can do for the World.   

I wish for me and the