International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge  

IFSK Mediumship Certification Proigram



The intention for this certification program is to give people an opportunity to learn what would be expected of a British Style Medium by the public.  It is my personal intention that after completing this course of study you will not be overly surprised and will be prepared for whatever might be asked of you as a professional Medium. My goal is to have all of you be as well thought of and as well respected as any British Medium in the UK. 

It is not intended to just be a piece of paper you hang on the wall, nor is it intended to be an online course that then gives you a Ph.D. This certification program is intended to be a mentoring program, a program that resembles the best of what I learned by attending the Arthur Findlay College in England so many times and by the many quality Mediums I met and learned from through the College. My teachers were taught by Gordon Higginson for the most part. I’m going back to those values. I believe what I am doing with this certification program is to create something new here in Florida yet old in its values and style.  I can’t exactly replicate what exists in England and at the Arthur Findlay College.  Here in Florida we simply don’t have the same opportunities to work as they do in the UK, but I can adhere to the values I believe gave the British Mediums their quality reputation.

To learn more about Gordon Higginson please go to To learn more about the Spiritualist National Union go to

There will be a number of workshops to attend, probably 12-15. They will be taught in different locations to minimize travel for everyone (probably Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando).  Each workshop will also include an opportunity to do a reading for another student or non-student volunteer.

  1. There will be books to read attached with several of the workshops. It is my intention to provide these to you at the workshop. These books will require a written report from attendees as part of that workshop.  You will not be considered finished with that workshop topic until the written portion has also been completed and returned.
  2. As part of this certification program you will be expected to sign and to abide by the IFSK Code of Conduct.
  3. IFSK Certified Mediums are expected to also be members of The International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge. That IFSK Membership will be included with you initial registration fee and the annual renewal fee of your certificate. The annual renewal fee will be set by the Board of Directors of this organization and will renew July 1st of each year.
  4. In addition to attending my workshops, I will want to know the schedule where you are working so that I can observe how you are actually working in public. This will likely be about a minimum of 5 different times/locations.
  5. To also give me an opportunity to observe how you work you will need to attend at least 12 monthly classes or other sponsored events by the IFSK.  This way I do not have to travel all over the state to see you work.
  6. As we progress with this training, IFSK will sponsor events throughout the year to give you additional opportunities to work.
  7. The topics for the workshops will include at least these, more may be added:

    • Public demonstrations of Mediumship
    • Mini reading parties / all day reading parties
    • Psychic / Vendor Fairs
    • Spiritualist Church Services
    • Private Reading practice
    • Animal Communication
    • Finding a missing person / Remote Viewing
    • Legal requirements / database building / pricing services
    • Psychic Art including music
    • Understanding how and when to use Psychic or Mediumship skills, understanding the UK’s Fraudulent Mediums Act
    • Ghosts and things that go bump in the night
    • “Tools” used for your work with the Spirit World
    • Past life readings / readings from Guides
    • Physical Mediumship / Trance
  8. Initially workshops will be 4 hour workshops.  If after doing one or two I realize more time is needed, the length of the workshop will be longer.  At some point in the series there will be 4 hour workshops limited to only 4 people who will each do a half hour reading. This is because you need to practice a longer reading than you do in classes or demonstrations so when you actually are reading for someone you feel confident doing the longer readings and are actually working in the British Style.
  9. The first workshop will be an introduction to this program with goals and expectations clearly communicated. The required book to read will be “Waking up in 5D - A practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation” ” by Maureen J. St. Germain. Suggested extra reading is “Transcending the levels of Consciousness - The Stairway to Enlightenment” by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. The cost will be $100. It will include your IFSK Membership and the book by Maureen J. St. Germain
  10. The second workshop will focus on evidence and tuning into the Spirit World to the level that is appropriate for the type of work you are doing. The required reading will be “The Truth about Medium” by Gary E. Swartz, Ph.D.  Suggested extra reading is “The Afterlife Experiments” also by Gary E. Swartz, Ph.D. 
  11. After completing this training program, your contact information and picture will be listed on the IFSK website as a Medium certified by the IFSK. It is suggested that you have a personal website to refer people to so they can read and understand how you work before they contact you. This will give you an additional opportunity to be contacted to work by people who look at the IFSK website.  You will benefit by the advertising and reputation of the Foundation.