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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens to my loved ones after they die? Are they alright?

Those are two of the most frequently asked questions we receive as Mediums. First let me say, we all know that just because the physical body of a loved one passes from our view, the love we feel for them doesn't end. And neither does it end for the person who has passed to the Spirit World. Where there is real love between people, there is always a continued connection.

When the passing is sudden and unexpected, our loved one may at first not even realize they have died. For example, when they die in an auto accident, they may actually think how lucky they are to have escaped without even receiving a scratch, for they feel no pain. When someone dies as the result of an illness or decline in health, their first reaction frequently is that the pain has finally stopped and they are well, not that they have died. The physical body feels pain-the spirit body does not, it is whole and well.

You need not be troubled about your loved one having died "alone" for no one passes to the Spirit World without someone they know to greet them. Even if the passing is sudden, those in the Spirit World know it is coming and will be there to help. Many of us know of people who were ill who "saw" and "talked with" their deceased loved ones shortly before their own passing. Some people think those visions are tricks in the mind of the person who is dying. Actually, those deathbed visions are quite real. The dying person becomes aware and "sees" their deceased loved ones who have come to help them make the transition to the change called death. No one ever dies alone.

A Spiritualist views life in the next world differently than most other people. We believe that instead of going to heaven or hell forever based on God's judgment of our actions, we believe that we judge ourselves and place our selves into the level we feel we have earned. Once in the level we have selected, we believe we have the opportunity to grow and progress to higher levels as we are ready for them. There are activities for us to occupy our days in may ways, including music, science, art, medicine-really any area imaginable, including helping to raise children who died to grow into adults.

If you would like more detailed descriptions of life in the Spirit World, I would recommend 2 books to you. The first is The Blue Island communicated by W.T. Stead after his death on the Titanic. The other book is called Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia an English priest who died in his sleep from the complications of old age. The first is more general than the second but they compliment each other well and I feel it would be good to read both. If you can't find them elsewhere, I plan to have them available for purchase at the fall Psychic Demonstrations.

If the beloved you are missing is a favorite pet, yes-they too continue to "live" after they have left their physical body. My precious Stormy, who I had from the time she was 10 weeks old until she was put to sleep at age 15 because of cancer, manages to make herself known to other mediums and students in my Home Development Circles on a regular basis. She has even commented on being happy about getting to go so many places with me since she has died !

So yes your loved ones are alright-they may even be fairing better than you are because they know it's only a matter of time till you are together again. Where there is real love between people, there is always a continued connection.

Please remember to be gentle with yourself. You're a very special person. Marilyn Jenquin

What is the Auric Energy?

The Auric Energy is an electro-magnetic energy field surrounding the body. It is as much a part of you as any other organ or limb within your physical body. Everything, whether animate or inanimate, has an aura, because everything is vibration. The difference between an animate (living being) and inanimate aura (thing e.g. chair, desk, etc.) is that the inanimate one will not change as the energy structure within it remains the same, but an animate or living aura changes because we change. We have a soul and are beings made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies and according to how you are at the time will be reflected within your auric energy.

In ancient times the aura was shown, in drawings, as a light or color around a very special being, but there is nothing mystical or special about the aura - it is natural. Everything that happens within your life registers within your auric energy.

I think it is marvelous that scientists are now carrying out experiments on something a few years ago, they said did not exist. I would like to share some experiments I have carried out over the past couple of years, with my progen aura imaging camera, with you. Last year I worked with the Scottish section of the Spiritualist National Union in conjunction with the Society for Psychical Research, photographing healers' and patients' auric energies. Some had physical problems, some mental and emotional ones. We took a picture of the patient before healing and also the healer before they started to work. It was interesting to see that although they had different colors within their pictures to start with, that, after the healing some of the healers' colors were also in the after picture of the patient. The patients' colors either changed whereby other colors came into their second picture or the colors became stronger, more vibrant showing that indeed the healing made a difference in their energy.

What we have to remember friends is that our aura is natural and normal, it does not make us special, it is part of us. There is so much garbage spoken about the auric energy because it is fashionable at this moment. I get many people coming to me because someone has told them they have problems within their auric energies, i.e. holes or entities attached to them. I can then take a photograph for them and let them see for themselves that there is no such thing - just different vibrations. It is not a fad, it will not go away, it will remain with us all the time we are within this body, and depending upon your belief with regard to reincarnation,, possibly the next incarnation, but that is a subject for another time.

Take care and may your God go with you. Thelma

Sometimes I am confused about the difference between a "Psychic" and a "Medium". Please could you explain the difference and how each might help me?

This is a really good question and one that we are often asked at our workshops and seminars.

The term "Psychic" and "Medium" go back a long way in history. As far back as the birth of Spiritualism.

A psychic is a person who reads the energies either around a person or a place. A psychic will normally give information relating to your personal life such as your job, your personal relationships or you home. There is no evidence of a spirit communicating this information to a psychic.

A medium is a person who has the ability of receiving information by contacting someone who has passed to the spirit world. The information a medium relays may describe personality traits and physical characteristics of the person in spirit that is communicating through the medium to you. The information may include memories of the life you shared together on earth, details of how they passed into spirit or references to the spirits' knowledge of your earth life now.

A medium is also a psychic. However, a psychic may not be a medium.

Depending on the type of information you are seeking you can choose either a psychic or a medium. The decision is solely based on your personal needs. Neither is right or wrong .... better or worse ..... since both represent ways of doing this type of work.