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Meditation CDs

After years of wanting to do this…it is finally happening.  Currently there is a series of four meditation CDs planned.  They will be available for purchase thru this website as either an actual CD or a download. The first one will be recorded on March 31st 2017. Not sure yet how long it will take to get this copyrighted and finally available to purchase…new journey for me.  Stay tuned.

The music for the CD will be done by Inna Goerisch. She is a classically trained musician who has also worked as a teacher for many years. She and I blend very well and enjoy working together.

Each meditation will have a section of both music and my guided meditation. It will also have a section of just music, and an additional section of just guided meditation without music.  That way you can experience it the way you prefer each time.

1). “Sitting in the Power of Higher Consciousness”

The purpose of this meditation will be to help you develop a stronger connection to your Spirit Helpers.  It will also help you to understand that you have the right to have them join with you when you would like to work and to ask them to step back when you no longer want to work.  Many people feel that this is something they have no control over but I believe you do have control.  Spirit wants workers but you have a physical life meant to be experienced …it’s why you came here in the first place. By learning to link quickly and closely with Spirit everyone benefits….Spirit can help as appropriate and we can live a physical life.   

One of the British Mediums who trained me, Paul Jacobs, was taught primarily by a gentleman named Gordon Higginson.  Gordon was the President of the Spiritualist National Union in Great Britain….he is the reason that the Arthur Findlay College came into being.  Paul told me if you were fortunate enough to be invited to join his development classes, the first year you would meet weekly, could miss only 2 classes and all you did was learn to link deeply with Spirit. The purpose of that skill is that once you can link easily and quickly with Spirit simply everything works better…Healing included.

2). “Goodnight Sweet Soul, Sleep Well”

Naturally from the title, this meditation is designed to help with sleep. Many people have a problem with getting to sleep and staying asleep.

3). “Clearing the 7 Main Chakras using Colors”

The 7 main Chakras are energy centers of the body. I believe that we unintentionally hold on to past hurts and energies that no longer serve us in a positive way. These energies can be released from the body.  When we release these unneeded energies we will be more well, whole and complete.

4). “Your personal Akash”

I believe that we have the records from all of our many lives stored inside of us.  These records can have either a positive or not positive affect on this lifetime.  The purpose of this CD will be to understand what happened in our past lives and to use that information to release the pain but retain the lessons.  Someone once described to me how they viewed Akashic records….our personal lives would be like storing life information on your computer hard drive, and the overall Akashic Records would be like storing everyone’s records in the cloud.  That made sense to me and I liked the modern day comparison.


So look forward to these upcoming meditations...availability date to be announced.