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Life's Operating Manual

he book I want to recommend this time is a very current book. It was just released the end of 2013. The title is Life's Operating Manual by Tom Shadyac.  For those of you who can't place the author, he was the producer of several well known movies: Liar Liar: Ace Ventura: Patch Adams: Bruce Almighty: Evan Almighty. He is also the producer of the documentary I AM.  In his own opinion he wonders why anyone would want to take advice about life from him since after all he's just a movie producer. But I heard him interviewed about the book and he seemed so sincere, so I read it. I really liked it.

Each chapter of the book includes a short writing. Then "Truth" and "Fear" debate the accuracy and relevancy of the thoughts expressed on each subject. Since the book is titled Life's Operating Manual of course each subject deals with some aspect of to make it better for to save the world from itself. As "Truth and "Fear" debate, "Truth" simply makes the most logical points.... makes "Truth's" choice reasonable.  Since this is the year I believe positive change is just around the corner...this book has ideas that could help make that change.  It finishes with simply stating all there is love.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if that was all there was.....Love.  

This book can be obtained in all your normal book outlets and I think well worth the time.  

Happy reading!