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Life in the World Unseen / The Blue Island

Two of the most frequently asked questions I receive are "I don't want them to suffer...are my loved ones OK?" and "What is it like for them where they are now?" While I can relay messages from Departed Spirits to their physical Loved Ones, and try to reassure them everything is alright, having a better understanding of life in the next dimension would simply help answer those questions. I want to recommend two books that I feel nicely explain where we go after we leave our physical bodies: Life in the World Unseenby Anthony Borgia, and The Blue Islandby J.T. Stead. Combining the information in the two books gives such a complete picture of what happens after we die that they are especially good to read together.

Life in the World Unseen was communicated by an English Priest after his death. He realized that he had been teaching things "incorrectly" while in his physical body and wanted to set the record straight so to speak from the Afterlife. He talks a bit about the actual transition and a lot about the daily life after arriving. One of my students described this book as a "cornucopia for the mind" as it goes into vivid detail about what life is like. For those people who believe in reincarnation, Life in the World Unseen would be considered the life we live between lives.

The Blue Island was communicated by J.T. Stead after his death on the Titanic. This book talks a great deal about the actual transition and only a bit about daily life after passing. What I especially liked about this book was how it could be related to the passing of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11. Knowing how there are so many who come to comfort people as they pass, even when the number is large, surely will help ease the mind of those left behind to deal with the tragedy.

If you have trouble finding these two books locally you can try the bookstore of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in Lily Dale, NY. (This link takes you to the list of books they have available. To order, you will need to call or email them using the information on their website.) You could also try contacting the Morris Pratt Institute in Milwaukee, WI. Both of these organizations have several books of interest on this and related subjects. The books are also available at (here and here) in paper and Kindle forms. Alternatively, you may download a free pdf version of these and other books here.

Happy reading!