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When you read these testimonials, all but a few were written within a 24 hour period.  How this all happened was simply amazing to me! All I can say is another example of Spirit at work.  I asked a professional Medium for help in promoting my classes in The Villages.  She asked for testimonials before she felt she could promote my classes as she had never been to one. I didn’t have testimonials so I thought OK I’ll ask my current and former students and maybe I’d get a few to reply.  I received 56 in a little over a 24 period from late afternoon December 15th 2017 to the evening of December 16th 2017.  Those received after that time period, have the date added. I’ve divided them by each of the cities where I teach a class. A few have included their full name or phone number. These testimonials will hopefully give all of you considering my classes or having a private reading with me to feel more comfortable in doing so.  I believe in what I do and try always to do it well.


Melbourne Group

I have been a student of Marilyn for about 5 years if not longer... Devine intervention lead me to her class, and each class I leave a little more in awwww of my abilities and capabilities.  Her classes embody all modalities of stirring the inner minds ability to improve on ones ability to tap into conversations with the universe.  I find her teaching skills, more as a key to opening doors, I did not know I had access to.  I have been to other teachers, mediums, psychic courses and classes, but none that I had a desire to continue following.  Her classes have finally given me a place I feel comfortable in exploring the realm & field of all possibilities...   Any student lucky to engage with Marilyn, will be back for more...   Feel free to call me with any questions ... 
Maile, A grateful student of Marilyn’s

I have attended many of Marilyn Jenquin's psychic/mediumship and healing classes.  Marilyn is an excellent teacher that easily adjusts from encouraging and challenging the most advance student to helping the newer students to build their confidence and continue their development.    Each class is different and always offers a learning opportunity even for the most seasoned students. I would recommend Marilyn's classes to all students, from newbies to advanced.

It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Marilyn to your organization. She has been an amazing mentor and dear friend. I am a student and have been going to Marilyn’s workshops and classes every month from November to April when I am visiting in Florida. Each class and workshop provides a safe and friendly environment for students to grow in mediumship and spiritually. Marilyn takes the time to provide care and support individually and as a group. All her classes and workshops have been joyful, fun, and are given with a variety of skill levels to explore and for students to develop. Her meditations are so enjoyable and  helpful in achieving a relaxed state where we can communicate with spirit, give messages and this builds confidence with success.  I would be happy to help Marilyn in the future with any support that she will need.
Suzette Lefebvre, Ontario, Canada

I have been a student of Marilyn Jenquin for 3+ years now.  I truly believe there are souls on this earth that are here to guide, teach and inspire us.  Marilyn is one of those people; her insightful gifts and knowledge have allowed me to grow and deepen my spirituality.  I have been blessed to have met her and given the opportunity of working with her to develop my spiritual quest.  She is open to the universe and receives great inspiration, in which she is willing to share and discuss all of the universal possibilities with her students.  Her warmth, understanding, knowledge and teaching inspire us to grow and develop. Her classes are welcoming to the newly curious students and to the experienced developed spiritual students.  We all share and participate in her guided presence to master the true meaning of the life.  If you are fortunate enough to live in an area of where she teaches, it will be an experience that will fill your heart and inspire your soul.  I look forward to her classes and the wonderful people of who I have met in her class.  I have the utmost love and respect for Marilyn and am very thankful that our paths have crossed.
Faith, West Melbourne, FL

I have been attending the psychic/mediumship class taught by Marilyn Jenquin for over eight years.  I have gone to multiple locations to meet with other classes across the state of Florida, and I have attended multiple events sponsored by the International  Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge.  I currently attend our group that meets in Melbourne.  Our Melbourne group has had various members throughout the years that I have watched turn into accomplished mediums with some, using the strength and guidance given by Marilyn, becoming professional readers. I will explain my status in order to describe the diverse range that Marilyn’s classes offer. I am not a typical student because I have been very open and a strong, Spiritual energy worker all of my life.  I am also a professional that teaches energy classes as well as using my gifts as a healer.  I relay this information to expound on the diversity of these groups. I sought the British style of mediumship because of its purely evidential nature; it is not beneficial to ANY client to promote the narrative that “I have a message from your uncle that passed, and he says he loves you.”  With this type of class, the students are taught that even the newest members can bring forth evidence that actually gives a true description of someone who has passed.  With a new student, this is a critical and crucial step that opens the doors of possibility that every person has this talent within themselves.  My greatest teaching style battles the mysticism of conventional Spirituality, and Marilyn teaches how those connections are made by everyone through the strength of their own mind with patience and skill which I truly find invaluable.  I spoke of my personal insights as a teacher to present a different side of the mediumship skillset taught by Marilyn Jenquin.  I did not go to these classes to learn to speak with those who have passed, I am quite adept at this skill as I stated earlier; however, I began with Marilyn to learn the ethics behind the interactions between the living and deceased. I needed a great deal of guidance to prevent my energy from interfering with others and how to act with clients in a face to face environment.  I had to learn how to protect as I learned to project.  There is also an incredibly valuable skill set that Marilyn teaches in each of her classes: patience with the process.  I also found it invaluable, on a personal note, Marilyn’s attention to my needs, as someone that has been very energy aware since birth, which is what everyone can and can not see in relation to me.  How I perceive many different events sometimes keeps me from understanding what the average person can comprehend or visualize because I see these things naturally.  The class structure caters to each individual, because it teaches form, content, ethics, and individual understanding; this is a class that teaches a curriculum that really is catered to the individual needs. In closing, I recommend Marilyn’s class to my own clients.  The group mentality is of caring and support.  The classes are structured to cater to a variety of needs, and each class environment, especially since I have traveled all over Florida to visit different classes, is very unique with all individuals that have the common goal to learn the evidential, British style of mediumship while keeping their unique perspectives that are a phenomenal learning tool as well.  I not only endorse Marilyn Jenquin as a superb teacher in this field, but also I recommend this class to students in a wide range of developing.  These classes allow in depth conversation as well as personal growth to guide each person into the best experience.
Love, Light, and Laughter,     
Reuben, Melbourne

I have been attending Marilyn's classes on medium and spiritual development in Melbourne since 2010. I highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in spiritual and personal development. Through the course of these studies, I have become more aware of, comfortable with and confident in my psychic and my mediumship abilities. In addition, I’ve grown in ways that I would never have expected; such as having a greater understanding of my spiritual nature. The classes Marilyn conducts have soul soothing meditations, interesting discussions and great exercises. I've also made a lifelong friend with Marilyn and others attending the classes.
Rev. Diane Thomas-Gonzales

My name is Giselle and I am writing about Marilyn Jenquin who is an excellent teacher of mediumship. I took one of Marilyn’s intro to mediumship classes and another class with a group of students that met regularly at a house. I noticed she was patient, organize and in tune with all the students. The class felt safe and comfortable for opening myself up to new phenomena. Marilyn helped me understand a message that was given by another student that was personal without embarrassing me. It made aware of a potentially life disrupting situation. She was very professional. I appreciate her way of being structured but flexible in her classes. It helped me further along my path.

The Villages/Belleview Groups

Well my 1st year has passed taking Marilyn's Jenquin's Evidenced Based Mediumship classes. The Evidence Based was very important to me as I began this new exploration and wanted to make sure It and I were legit. The year has sped by. I've grown in both knowledge and confidence. And I'm excited about Year 2 beginning in January. Marilyn makes it easy to try something I'd never done before. I was afraid I might be opening a door that should remain closed instead I've met great people, had a lot of fun, received tremendous encouragement, and grown in trusting myself (which bled into more areas beyond this one). And the coolest part of all.....I know how to listen and recognize that 'still small voice' that many of us hear but ignore. So that my day is much more 'guided' than I ever knew possible.  I was recommended to go to Marilyn's classes by a trusted friend. She was finishing Year 2 and thought I was ready to grow some more. I so enjoyed the classes that I went 2x a month. And the meditation time each class is awesome! Icing on the cake. Which thanks to a long awaited cd, I now get to fall asleep to each night. Would I recommend Marilyn's classes?  Absolutely! 
Debbi M., Ocala

I have attended Marilyn Jenquin’s classes for more than two years.  I have learned a great deal from this experienced medium and have enjoyed every class, with the mix of discussion on spiritual topics, meditation, and practice at mediumship.  Marilyn is one of the warmest, most patient, most knowledgeable teachers that I have encountered and her kind and giving nature has made it a joy to improve my mediumship abilities with her these last few years.
Mary L Westcott

I became a student of Marilyn's about a year or so ago.  Her classes are designed to introduce, as well as strengthen your abilities depending on where you are when you join.  Her experience and background are of sound foundation, and one can only grow and further understand this area with her suburb expertise.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in the field of mediumship regardless of their intention to use it professionally or just to open the door to understanding and having the experience for themselves.  I am very glad our paths crossed as I have gained so much knowledge and understanding from her.  
Penny Chester-Reilly

Marilyn is my teacher of 6 years. Her classes are always informative,  creative, and structured. She provides very broad variety of topics and activities. Her devotion is unbelievable. I  myself come from a long line of psychics and Healers from Russia, and I  practiced since I was a teenager. But I  thank Marilyn  for helping me to grow into professional medium. I attended many of her group classes, and I  observed changes in people's lives. Learning mediumship IS a life changing experience. I met other teachers of mediumship. They all are wonderful.  But nobody does what she does. Marilyn IS an American Arthur Findlay College.
Inna Goerisch, Summerfield

I have enjoyed going to Marilyn's classes. She explains everything thoroughly. She always asks if we have questions.  She wants to be sure that we understand. I have enjoyed attending her classes

I am writing as a former student of Marilyn Jenquin's mediumship classes. I attended her classes for almost 2 years and found it to be very enlightening and a great steppingstone to moving onward in the learning/practicing of mediumship and being enlightened about universal truths. I enjoyed her classes. 
C.E.,  Ocala FL

To future students, I have enjoyed every one of Marilyn's classes. She is extremely knowledgeable, very caring and professional, and usually answers your questions before I have a chance to ask them because she just... knows! I would not hesitate to recommend her classes to any of my friends.
Sincerely Deb W.

Even though I haven’t attended for several months due to my own scheduling issues, I did attend for over a year. Every class was well thought out and interesting. I believe Marilyn has a thorough knowledge of spiritual development and her exercises in class are stimulating and satisfying. She has opened a door in my mind that allows more for expansive thinking and wonder. She’s a patient and dedicated teacher and I feel very lucky to have taken her classes as much as I did. 
Bobbi Warnick. 

About two years ago, I was attending a Psychic Fair browsing my way through the various booths when I came upon Marilyn Jenquin. Now, I’ve always had intuitive thoughts and premonitions in the past so when she mentioned about her psychic mediumship classes I excitedly jumped at the chance of actually getting some training on the subject. I was a little hesitant on the mediumship part due to my past religious background but after attending one class, Marilyn made me realize there was nothing to fear. She taught me that Psychic/mediumship was actually a sacred gift & with that gift comes great responsibility when doing a reading. Her classes are always well prepared in advance and are broken down into an agenda filled with knowledge and fun. The class usually involves a thought provoking reading with class discussion, a deep meditation connecting to our spirit guides and then a class activity to help develop our physic & mediumship skills. I always leave the class feeling very enriched spiritually and with a deeper understanding of the subject. Marilyn is a very knowledgeable and helpful teacher and will go out of her way to help a student along their path. This is a very broad field with so much to learn but Marilyn has the ability to break it down so you don’t leave the class feeling overwhelmed. I whole heartily recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about this subject or who just wants to further develop their own intuitive nature for every day living. 
Debbie Mazzeo

I am happy to recommend Marilyn, she is a great teacher! I have evolved since attending her classes. She is a gentle teacher with wisdom and makes the student feel confident. I feel I have grown quite a bit in the past two years.
Pat Y.

I was a student of Marilyn's for three years.  I found her classes to be interesting, informative and non-threatening.  I wanted to know that what I "knew" was true and not a figment of my imagination.  I gained knowledge and confidence in my abilities.  I would highly recommend her classes to anyone seeking to learn.  I have moved to N C and wish I had a Marilyn here. 
N. R. Bowdish

"I was a student with Marilyn for two years. The only reason that I left the class was a conflict in scheduling.  Through Marilyn’s sharings and teachings, I was exposed to a myriad of wonderful thought processes and enlightening topics.  I learned so very much about raising my awareness and level of consciousness, understanding the realms beyond this physical life and I consequently grew tremendously in my spirituality.  I hope to rejoin her classes in the future so that I may continue to learn as I travel on this earthly path."
Marcia W.

Several years ago, I was part of Marilyn Jenquin's class.  I was part of her class for close to a year, during which time I learned a great deal and to this day I make use of what I learned in her class. Her classes are engaging and she really encourages her students to put forth the effort to learn.  I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning how to develop their mediumship skills.

I have attended Marilyn's mediumship classes since October 2012.  Marilyn is an excellent, experienced teacher who uses a relaxed, nonjudgmental approach.  Her class consists of a discussion of a spiritual or metaphysical topic, a relaxing meditation, and a demonstration of mediumship.  The development of mediumship skills is a very challenging endeavor, and Marilyn has the skills and knowledge necessary to help her students achieve their goals.

I have attended 2 years of IFSK Mediumship classes plus 2 Guest Speaker groups.  All have been a benefit to me. Each has been different. All new experiences and knowledge.  Marilyn is an experienced teacher, full of fun and wonderful stories.  Which she shares with us for our growth. Marilyn always celebrates our individual growth. She is a positive person and easy to be in her presence.  I enjoy the meditation and new disc. And meeting like minded people, and the give & take of group learning/ readings.  Can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!

I was first introduced to Marilyn and British Style Evidential Mediumship Development Classes by a friend.   I found Marilyn to be very warm, knowledgeable and engaging.  After my first class, I decided to continue and have just completed my first year which was amazing.  Marilyn's teaching methods present the lessons in a clear, concise manner, which has allowed me this past year to expand my perceptions and awarenesses, as well as spirited group discussions and a guided meditation led by Marilyn that is beyond wonderful.  I look forward to continuing these classes.
Debi Ravenscroft

Well I am so glad that Marilyn decided to have a night class so that I could attend.  I looked forward each month to going to class.  I felt like a lost soul with no confidence  In myself.  I have always seen things in my life but I never shared anything.  But when I joined the class to meet others who felt like I did I felt like I came home.  The class is  very informative and she made you feel no question was wrong or weird.  She explains 
at my level and we did classes that I thought no way could I do but she guided all of us even when we cried or laughed.  Her meditations are so wonderful and peaceful you do go to wonderful places.  I learned to trust myself and to come out of my shell I do thank her.  I feel so much better in my life now.  Thank you Marilyn
Patt M.

To Whom It May Concern,
I have been asked to write a testimonial for Marilyn Jenquin, Medium and Teacher.  I have known her for going on four years.  In that time she has been my personal medium and my mediumship teacher. I am entering my fourth year in Marilyn’s mediumship training.  I never thought that I had any mediumship skills, but as most spiritual people know, everyone has some skills in everything.  Marilyn has brought out those skills in me.  While I have no desire to become a full time medium, she has taught me to be aware of all of my senses when walking into a new environment or examining the particulars of any situation in which I might find myself.  There is a lot to be gained by just being aware.  In the last three years I have gone to a couple of mediumship classes taught by others, but Marilyn’s methods feel more like one-on-one classes no matter how many students.  She is gentle and caring to all her students, helping them to develop their skill slowly, but surely. As a medium, she is most honorable—a attribute she instills in all of her students.   She teaches the English Mediumship methodology, by which one must provide as much evidence as possible to prove that this spirit is in fact here for this student or client.  She makes herself available to provide any additional assistance her students might need and she teaches her classes all over the state for bring enlightenment to her students. There is no one I would rather have to be my mediumship teacher. 
Susan Padgett

Tallahassee Groups

I have been attending Marilyn  Jenquin’s classes for several years now, and can not express enough, the welcoming, loving and helpful soul she is. Coming from a family of a well known Psychic Healer, I have been around the Spiritual World since I was about 10 years old (Over 40 years), but I was not truly aware of my abilities, until I met Marilyn. I have experienced both her class teachings, and her personal readings, and she has always been spot on. Her classes allow everyone from beginners (Like I was when I met her), to those with more experience, to learn and thrive. Each class has a purpose and a meaning, and allows all students to take an active part. The atmosphere is always warm, fun, welcoming, and very educational. She never ceases to amaze me with how she teaches us, just what we are capable of. From mediation, to giving readings, I have learned to recognize and allow my senses (hearing, seeing, and smell) to show me what others are not aware of. I love Marilyn, and her classes, and I will continue to go every chance I get. If you are interested in learning how to open, recognize, and allow your natural senses to work for you. I highly recommend having Marilyn as your instructor. Thank you-
Donna Catalano, RN

For more than ten years, Marilyn has guided me to exploring beyond the physicalist paradigm. My hearth and eyes opened to the consciousness. Marilyn showed me how Beyond our physical senses, altered states allow after-death communications. Masterfully, Marilyn facilitated the contact with the permanent existence of loved ones, healing me from the uncertainty and pain of their departure.
Sonia McNelis, MD. 

I have been a student of Marilyn's for only a year now, but the spiritual progress I have made amazes me. I came to her class a complete beginner but who has had 'stuff' happen to me my whole life and was searching for answers & meanings. She has provided both and I plan to continue with her classes as long as she is available to me. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate teacher who made me feel welcome from the very first class. She even arranged initially for me to come a half hour early before the rest of the group for personal one-on-one tutoring to enable me to come up to speed faster with the rest of the class!  You can tell she loves what she does and is completely dedicated to her students. I consider myself very fortunate for finding her...I am firmly on my spiritual path with her guidance. 

I would just like to take a moment to speak on what Marilyn Jenquin's Psychic Mediumship classes have done for me and added to my life. I began them at a very vulnerable time, a very healing time and at a time of growth in my life. Saying that, it was and continues to be a place of safety, understanding  and respect while learning. By taking Marilyn's classes these four years now, by learning ways of Mediumship I have also learned myself, my Spirit if you will,  my Guides, my Helpers as well as what is NOT mine. Which can be even more important. I have learned how to manage energies, learn from it, grow from it, let go of what I need to and to value more of what is real. I have had to remove all the dust in my Spirit to allow SPIRIT to flow thru me, this has been invaluable. It feels beautiful in my heart and my Spirit to be able to bring thru messages from passed over loved ones, or messages of inspiration from Spirit.  I am grateful beyond measure for this safe place she has created to teach her craft and look forward to many more years!!
With much gratitude and love,
Shannon Ferguson  

I began taking classes with IFSK years ago, after completing both a bachelors and masters degrees   in psychology from FAMU and FSU respectively. I remember vividly my first class at a local home . The meditation, followed by discussion and exercises, books, so like my academic background but yet so different. I was introduced to spirit and spiritualism in a profound way, one that has never left me and yet opened me up to a wider world of a different and in my opinion   more important level of knowledge. We are all connected and can connect on heaven and earth, oneness. I thank Marilyn for ever for helping to develop and see my own spiritual gifts without fear and in an always healing and safe space. And I try to pass that gift on to others in my own small way. She and her teaching continue to be an important part of my life. She's on a mission for the good of the universe. I recommend her without hesitation.
Cassandra Floyd, M.S

I went to a medium class with my friend. Thelma Frances was the visitor that Marilyn Jenquin brought from England. I have been a friend of Marilyn’s ever since. I was an abused person and was a worker that did not love herself. Marilyn’s classes are small so she can help her students learn to love and that we all are love and peace, if that is what we want in life. Never knew I had a choice. I helped Marilyn threw her cancer, using Young Living Essential Oil. She beat death, and I saw that thru love all things are possible. I now teach people how to use the oils, and be service to the world. Thank you Marilyn for being a part of my life. Over 800 people are cancer free, so am I to live a life without fear and loving people just as they are, but giving them love and hope to change this world into a better place. I thank God for Marilyn coming into my life,  giving me a ray of hope to live life as I have always dreamed of. Thanks Marilyn, love you!
Kay Steelman

Gainesville Groups

I have been attending Marilyn’s class for about 4 years. Though it’s a group setting, Marilyn’s approach to teaching is personalized: she is able to track each student’s abilities and progress in development and organize her presentations and skill building to meet each person’s need. The course content ranges from basic information to leading edge thought, all presented in a clear and thoughtful manner. Marilyn allows each student to have a chance to share thoughts on topics; likewise she encourages each student to practice new skills in a nonjudgmental and welcoming environment. My experience in Marilyn’s class has been one of discovery and affirmation. Highly recommend to anyone seeking to expand personally and spiritually.
L. J.

As a former student, I miss your geographical availability.  Your classes were a source of ongoing personal growth, skills, and inspiration.  No question was too small and no hurdle was too large for you to address with love and patience.  Also as a teacher myself, I can say that professionally you lead your classes in progressive learning steps, clarity and consistency.
Jeanette Senart,  Board of Trustees, Unity Church of Blairsville, GA   Retired ADL Minister, Bradford FL

My involvement with the metaphysical goes back many years. I have been attending Marilyn's classes for sometime and the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from these classes have given me many tools that help me in my every day life as well as more understanding of the spirit world. It has and continues to be a wonderful place to continue my journey with someone with so much integrity, devotion and love of everyone.
Sharon Davis

Marilyn Jenquin and IFSK has been an integral part of my life for the past 10 years.  Attending Marilyn's events has helped me stay focused on life's everyday issues.  I always look forward to her inspiring classes and enjoy connecting with spirit.  The messages we receive from spirit - and each other - are always just what I need to hear.  Her classes and retreats are always uplifting and I leave feeling totally refreshed after one of her events.  They renew my energy and give me the ability to take on everyday situations.  I am thankful to have her in my life.
G. W.  Gainesville, Florida

I have been attending Marilyn’s development classes and events for more than 7 years. During that time, I have witnessed her interactions with many students at all levels of ability and from diverse backgrounds. Marilyn is always courteous and respectful of the beliefs of others. She makes everyone feel welcomed. I have learned so much from her and continue to learn. I have met many wonderful people in her classes and look forward to every meeting. Over the years, I have attended other similar classes with different teachers but none of them are ever as good as Marilyn’s class. I am so grateful that she is my teacher.  Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss her classes further.

Jacksonville Groups

 I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for the many ways Marilyn Jenquin has brought clarity, beauty, and discernment into my life. I was first introduced to mediumship back in 2012. I had browsed the Natural Awakening magazine when her advertisement caught my eye. I believe Spirit was calling me to delve deeper and connect with my Higher Self and tap into communicating with those that have transitioned from this realm to the next. I was eager to learn the study and practice of mediumship, and Marilyn proved to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. Her style of Brittish Mediumship was structured yet tailored to the needs of the class based on their level of understanding.  I was particularly impressed when she taught the value and importance of writing a letter of agreement and intent with Spirit. That proved to be a crucial measure, because it ensured that my connection to Spirit was solid and stable. I have never waivered in my belief that with prayer and protection, we can all learn to talk with Spirit. I have had the good fortune of having several private readings with Marilyn outside the classroom. One of the most memorable was years ago. She told me that I was to meet a "much older man who walks with a limp". My previous marriage of nearly 20 years had recently ended, and the prospect of meeting a man soon seemed unfathomable to me.  However, months later and true to her word, that limping man did surface in my life. He became my best friend, my inspiration, and my true love. I enjoyed an amazing courtship of 3 years with him until his fight with cancer finally took him from me. In reality though, he is still very much present. I "feel" him and he continues to visit me with distinct messages at times. Mediumship gave me that ability to be attuned, and the credit of that gift is largely attributed to my mentor, Marilyn Jenquin. I would be happy to elaborate more if need be. I can be reached at 904-206-0715.
In Love and Light, 
Lisa Able

For many years I have been curious about psychic phenomena, energy healing and mediumship. It is very comforting to have proof of our continued existence after death, when we have left our physical bodies, though questions about re-incarnation still remain for me. With the aid of good mediums like Marilyn, I have had undeniable contacts with dead loved ones - my grandparents, parents and husband in particular. Private sessions with Marilyn and experienced mediums from England that she occasionally invites to the U.S. A. were especially helpful to me when I was grieving my mother and husband's passing. Their clear presence and loving messages to me helped to bring me peace and closure to unanswered questions and worries. Though professional mediumship is not my goal at this time, I recommend Marilyn's classes and readings to anyone curious to learn about it. I appreciate her commitment to it and the help she has given me when I needed it most.

I understand you would like to speak with someone who has taken Marilyn's classes.  I have at Caring Palms. My intention is to continue to do so. At my first class, Marilyn spent time with me individually before the class began. She did this with each attendee. Sorry, I can't remember the class size but this individual attention put all of us on the same page, knowing what was about to happen and for her, information about each of us which made us feel safe and comfortable with the experience that was about to happen. It truly was amazing. I slipped between two different modes, mediumship and past lives. She helped me interpret this experience, what I saw and felt, and what I might become with further leadership. I definitely recommend her classes, and the authentic woman herself. Even the owner of Caring Palms took part in the class. That, itself, is an endorsement.
M. Howard

December 29, 2017
While I have had many teachers in my life, there are only five or six that have had a huge impact on what I do, and who I am now.  One of those people is Marilyn Jenquin.  I have been taking classes from Marilyn for almost 12 years now, ever since a friend and student brought me in to my first mediumship class.  There I learned that this raw psychic ability I had could be used to connect with people on the other side.  Since then, she has guided me through a path of growth, of learning I could do more to help people than what I was currently doing.  But mediumship was not the only thing she taught me.  She gave me an enlightened knowledge of spirituality that I had never experienced before.  With that came proper etiquette and morals in how I work, and how I use these gifts that she helped grow.  She helped me create a positive attitude that I pass on to my students as I guide them along their own paths. Thanks greatly to her perseverance and patience, I have grown into a powerful healer with abilities to help people with all types of problems.  I have been able to open to answers from spirit to help the people I am working with.  I have been able to pass on messages from those passed to help people present to heal.  The techniques she has taught me have become part of my everyday life.  I use these skills every day in my work as a massage therapist, Reiki Master, medium, healer.  I am guided through massages and energy sessions by spirit knowing exactly where to go and what to do that will have the most effect.  I teach classes in Reiki and other types of energy, and in each step, I follow where spirit takes me, and in that, I am able to take the right path so that my students understand. It is because of Marilyn that I am able to do this.  She took me in, guided me, helped me develop into the person I am today.  And she continually helps as I grow toward what I will eventually become.  For this, I will be forever grateful.
Brian D. Dean, Licensed Massage Therapist
Reiki Master Instructor
Caring Palms Massage and Reiki

The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude to Ms. Marilyn Jenquin for having not only the skill of being able to “know” the world of Spirit and spirits but the ability to teach it in such a way that one walks away feeling as if what they were just taught is not only natural but the only way it could be.  What I loved about Marilyn’s teaching style is that she NEVER imposed her feelings or beliefs on you; she always asked what did you feel both physically and in your intuition.  She would guide us many times by urging us to go deeper into OUR feelings.  Never once was any kind of judgment passed on anyone.  She would correctly urge those who had more training to do more than those who were totally new to this teaching.  She would challenge us to be more, at our own speed.  I liked the individual exercises we would do but I personally really liked the partner exercises that we did.  What I found to be most helpful was that for the last part of the class we would share with the entire group what we experienced and it was, on a superficial level, nice to know that we were not alone in our feelings and conclusions.  The world of spirits is not the type of thing most people freely speak about.  I will close by saying Ms. Jenquin would encourage us to take written note of our experiences outside the classroom for discussion and if they truly bothered us in some way she was always available by e-mail or telephone.  Marilyn helped me by guiding me to figure out that what I felt was both real and that I had far more control over the situation that I believed I did.  She taught me to trust my intuition and instincts far more than society at large did. 
Respectfully: EMD

So, what can I say about Marilyn.  Well, first impression she is short but with a tall present.  A tall present, that includes being totally present, very welcoming of everyone and everybody, very knowledgeable, sincere, genuine, and works from the heart.  We have time to get to know the others before class starts which is helpful to relax.  She is very comfortable in her own skin and what she is doing.  This transcends to all of the students which is a big blessing for all us to relax and believe what we are doing which is talking to dead people.  Her meditations in class lift us up to a higher vibration and you can feel the effects long after the meditations have ended.  I kept telling her to make a CD of her meditation and she finally did.  They transcend time and space to have lovely mind blowing experiences.  Classes are well prepared and sometimes spontaneous depending on how the classes go and the messages being received.  Sometimes they take on a life of their own.  Each class is unique.  She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience to call on.  She also uses different class techniques for acquiring the messages.  Even though we are talking to dead people each experience is different in how we receive, interpret, process, and relay the messages.  It takes a while to get use to the different means of communication.  We also learn from each other by doing the exercises.  Between her and the other students there is a wealth of knowledge that you will not find in a book.  I have gone to other classes with other instructors and she by far, hands down, is the most professional, classy, and knowledgeable.

I have been taking classes with Marilyn Jenquin for a year and a half now and I have to say my life has changed for the better. I was born a “sensitive” into a family of “non-sensitives” which created a very confusing life, in which I kept my experiences to myself, having learned early that the majority of people thought I was crazy. But things started to vamp up when I was 35 and I desperately needed help.  I searched online for “spiritual development classes” in my area (with the help of spirit) and found Marilyn and her class. Since starting her class I have learned how to set up boundaries- because for me, spirit was coming on too strong and it was overwhelming. I’ve learned to stop doubting my gift- that I am not crazy, these messages are real and meant for me to pass on. And the ‘side-effect’ is that standing up to spirit has helped me stand up in my personal life as well. I’m braver than I was, both in standing up for myself and in knowing to deliver messages I hear.  I get to help people too, because the messages they hear are always exactly what they needed to hear at the perfect time.  I love the classes, and the people in them. I’ve found “my tribe.” It’s like being home- in a room of people who understand what life is like for a sensitive, we speak openly, with no judgment. Marilyn is gentle, soft spoken, yet firm in her teachings. She is knowledgeable about SO many things in the quantum physics area, as well as energy healing, spirit communication, and helping others ‘come into’ their gifts. She is so sweet and encouraging, yet also moves at the pace of the students. Many of us are shy at first and those of us who are, she lets us set our own pace. I love when we get to practice mediumship and all the different ways Marilyn teaches us to do so. Whether it be by reading, or holding something, or the person having written something down and we are to listen for spirit’s answer, the exercise are fun and challenging.  I simply love this class, the people and am most grateful to my Maker, for having lead me right to the classes.
Crystal Phillips 

I attended Marilyn's classes for several years and feel like I learned a lot.  She always starts with a message that is engaging and thought provoking.  Then she starts her meditation.  I liked it so much that I have ordered her audio copy that she recently created so I can use it at home.  Following that she uses different techniques to help us connect with someone in spirit.  Marilyn is a loving woman, but a strict teacher.  She knows when we're really connected with spirit, and when we're not, and she doesn't allow anyone to "cheat."  As I said I learned many things, but one in particular that I really appreciate is how she taught us to recognize when someone finally connects with spirit.  She taught us what to watch for when someone is attempting to connect.  Marilyn also has the gift to "piggy-back," or connect to the same spirit person that her student is.  This helps her to guide her student.  My life has gone in a different direction this year so I no longer attend Marilyn's class, but I do recommend her.
Carol R.

When I first came to the class, I had my doubts of any ability for mediumship.  The others who went before me were very good and I was quite intimidated.  Marilyn encouraged me and when I got stuck, she would ask me a few questions and the spirit would come in.  The biggest issue was believing myself, and Marilyn's steadfast belief in me helped greatly.  Today, I still practice mediumship and have the utmost respect for Marilyn.  She is quite dedicated to her teaching and has brought much comfort through all the students she has trained as mediums, who then deliver comforting truth from the spirit world to their loved ones on the other side.  I feel very blessed to have her as my teacher and would highly recommend her to anyone that desires to be a medium or to grow in spirit.
Linda Nichols

Marilyn / IFSK's psychic development classes are very good to attend as a work out to tune in your psychic abilities. I have attended them on and off for several years.
Beth R.

Marilyn Jenquin is a knowledgeable practitioner of the healing arts as well as a compassionate teacher who encourages her students to develop their gifts and abilities without self-judgement.  Her presentations are very clear, calm and patient. She encourages experimentation and celebrates successes. Marilyn's knowledge and attitude allow her students to step into the world of knowing with courage and curiosity. She is a trusted guide to the psychic world.
Judith Struck, MA, Holistic Counselor

When I began mediumship classes with Marilyn Jenquin I had no abilities whatsoever! I did have a strong desire to learn.
I was so excited to begin classes and have taken many classes, workshops and worked events with Marilyn. Over the course of time I have become a respected medium. The British style of mediumship that she teaches leaves no question in the minds of clients that we are connected to spirit.
Marilyn is highly respected by her students and peers.  She is kind, gentle and knowledgeable in her manner of teaching. Not only is she a respected medium in the US but also abroad. I would never have been able to experience this wonderful aspect of my life had I not attended that first class with Marilyn. It has changed my outlook and life in so many great ways.
Kay Sasser
11629 Alta Cir N
Jacksonville, Fl 32226

A bit skeptical at first, about attending a group psychic development class, soon faded as Marilyn’s gentle approach to her experienced coaching techniques set a comfortable environment for learning. It's evident by the vast array of effectively prepared lessons, Marilyn is an advanced psychic intuitive willing to share her skills with anyone willing to invest the time. Marilyn’s classes are very affordable and consistent, she’s highly recommended, not only as a great teacher, but a friend as well!

Your class gave me a life changing gift. You showed me how to open up to my spirit guides very quickly. You also showed me how sensitive I am to others’ energy, and you took extra time teaching me ways to protect myself. The one class I took with you was so powerful I communicated with a deceased friend from my past as well as my grandfather who was like my father. The messages I received are with me every day and have had a profound effect on my heart and healing process. You also taught me how to communicate with others’ loved ones and I was able to give another classmate a joyful reading. I won’t forget how tickled she was to know her beloved cat was with us and as strong-willed as ever. I am looking forward to attending more classes in the future. Thank you for everything you do. 
Jennifer M.