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I Was Thinking... Power vs. Force

In my 13 years of teaching Psychic Mediumship Spiritual Development classes I've had the pleasure of watching people grow in many ways. I've loved watching the "ah ha" moments when something clicks and it's understood. I've loved watching the smiles and tears of Spirit communication as it's been understood by both the person working as the Medium and the receiver of the message. From teaching my classes, I can even imagine how a Momma bird might feel watching their baby bird take its first flights. That's really how I feel toward those in my classes. It's such a joy for me to see people develop, fly on their own so to speak, and fly away to a wonderful life.  

People come to my classes for a variety of reasons. Some because they have been having things happen that are a bit frightening to them that they would like to understand and control. Some have skills already but want to fine tune them. Some have no idea if they have skills but are there to find out if they do. No matter why someone comes to my classes over time I give everyone the same are in control and are a powerful set the standards for how you will work with Spirit. I eventually teach everyone about my "Intention Agreement" or contract with Spirit. Many times people who come to class think that if they don't do everything just as they perceive Spirit wants it to be done then Spirit will go away and never come back. They will have lost forever the opportunity for Spirit contact. Not true at all...Spirit wants to work with us for the betterment of all Mankind so they will always be there for's simply a matter of learning boundaries and standards and understanding how to work together. Over time, as the skill level improves and a student is able to give clear accurate messages, students begin to develop confidence and a belief that they do have abilities...they do have the power to work with Spirit...they are and have the right to be in control of what happens. That's my favorite part of teaching....watching a confident student. And about that same time, a "funny' thing usually happens. I will learn from bits and pieces of conversation or from messages from other students to them, that their personal life is working better and they are more in control of it. What that tells to me is that the student has come to understand personal power in their work with Spirit and also has come to understand they have the right to use it everywhere, not just when doing Mediumship. 

Too many people in this world confuse personal power with the less lovely ego driven use of force. They are not the same. The words are not interchangeable. The idea of force means to me that one or several people must submit to the wishes and demands of another person whether or not they agree or suffer harm. Power to me is an individual personal thing....a belief in one's own abilities to accomplish something WITHOUT someone else sacrificing anything. Power enables growth and new ideas and new inventions because someone who understands they are powerful, brings about positive actions for themselves and others. While someone who functions from the idea of force, actually restricts creativity, growth, progress.....diminishes the whole for personal gain. We are in this world together ...a whole unit...we eventually all rise or fall together. So I choose to rise together utilizing my personal power and helping others to understand and use their personal power also.  

I might call my classes Psychic Medium Spiritual Development Classes but I really could call them "how to find and utilize personal power". Power is such a good thing.