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Surviving Death by Leslie Kean

Leslie Kean is an award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author. She approaches Surviving Death as an investigative journalist would: based on facts and scientific studies. She covers past lives, out-of-body/near-death experiences, communication with the spirit world, apparitions and those that have died yet explain traveling to other dimensions. She researches to find those that would be considered experts in these fields as well as those that have actually experienced each of the topics she covers. I first learned about her when I heard her in an hour-long interview on National Public Radio. 

Personally, this book made sense to me, as my father, when he was 46, had a severe heart attack and was at one point clinically dead. His description of what he saw and felt was just as explained by the people interviewed for this book. He lived to be 95, and for the rest of his life he never feared death. My father talked about that experience many times. He was dead, yet knew everything that they did to his body to revive him. While he was clinically dead, he was told it wasn’t his time to pass and he needed to return to his body. He felt no pain while out of his body and experienced immediate pain upon again being “alive”.

Being a professional medium for nearly 40 years, I know those that have passed are absolutely able to communicate with their loved ones left behind after their death. I’ve brought in details that no one would have the ability to know except the “spirit loved one” and the physical person—something that happened between only the two of them. Many times those receiving a reading left with happy tears because they knew they had been speaking to their loved ones.

Netflix has a series based on this book. Many of the people in the book are also in the Netflix series. This book, and the Netflix series, would be a good place to start to understand the change called death or to reinforce your already-held beliefs.

Published in the April 2021 edition of Northeast Florida Natural Awakenings Magazine